Waterjet Technology for the Marine and Industrial environments

The ENVIROBOT® , using  ultra high pressure water, strips coatings and corrosion from ship's exterior surfaces (hull sides, flat bottom, and decks.

Drydocks around the world and above ground storage tanks are the key beneficians of our patented UHP Roboitcs systems.

  • Utilizes the latest technology available today
  • Lowest operating cost
  • Highest production rates
  • Environmentally friendly

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why waterjet robotics

Patented UHP Coatings removal for marine
and industrial applications

The ENVIROBOT® attaches to large metal surfaces using our patented magnetic air gap technology and, combined with our vacuum effluent containment system that removes and contains 100% of the waste (water, paint and corrosion), the Envirobot  system, using a straightforward water treatment, allows us to deliver a surface that is ready for coating immediately after blasting. In fact, the removal system is so efficient, painters are able to work directly behind the robot.

The ENVIROBOT® system cleans using the energy of water striking the hull's surface, operating at pressures as high as 55,000 psi. As no abrasives are used in the process, dust pollution does not occur and the need to dispose of spent abrasives is eliminated.

Waterjet Robotics' ENVIROBOT® is equally efficient across a wide range of vessels - cruise ships, oil tankers, Ro/Ros, and container ships as well as an array of above ground storage tanks and myriad industrial applications.

The ENVIROBOT® offers the highest production in UHP coatings removal:

  • WJ-2 Production rates up to 600 ft2/hr
  • UltraSweep® Production up to 1,200 ft2//hr
  • Operational speed - 0 to 30 cm (0-12 in) / sec

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