To continuously improve our patented robotic technology to increase productivity and to protect the environment.

Waterjet Robotics' ENVIROBOT® delivers the highest coating removal rates in the industry using  patented magnetic air-gap ultra high water pressure waterjetting  technology.  Our globally patented robots offer significant advantages over traditional grit blast or manual ultra high pressure (UHP) processes to remove heavy duty marine and industrial coatings.

The developers behind Waterjet Robotics have spent nearly two decades developing the ENVIROBOT® system and designing it to meet the challenges of steel surface preparation while increasing productivity, protecting workers, minimizing processed waste and protecting the natural environment. 

The ENVIROBOT® combines ultra high pressure water to strip coatings and uses a custom vacuum system to collect all effluent from the paint removal process for disposal. The ENVIROBOT® magnetically attaches to steel surfaces and is easily navigated with a wireless remote control. Removing coatings at a rate of 500 to 3000 sq. ft. per hour, the ENVIROBOT® can traverse the most challenging surfaces. The semi-automated system has proven to deliver significant economic and environmental advantages over traditional grit blasting and manual UHP processes including:

  • The ability to work in close proximity to other trades or maintenance processes
  • Lower manpower requirements
  • Reduced clean up costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduces access requirements (staging, cranes, platforms, etc.)
  • Safe, Reliable, Clean and Efficient operation
  • Full Service, Sales and Rental Programs are available

With over 3 years in the development stage, Waterjet Robotics is pleased to announce that in 2018 the decision was made to bring its latest UHP unit, the Scorpion, to market. This smaller, yet powerful, robot was designed to work on smaller projects, in tighter spaces and with a reduced support staff. If you thought the ENVIROBOT® was out of your reach, then the Scorpion was designed just for you.

Waterjet Robotics offers full service contracting, on-site lease purchase programs and sales with tailored maintenance packages and technical support.

Contact us today for an on-site demonstration of the ENVIROBOT® or the new, smaller SCORPION.


The mission of Waterjet Robotics U.S.A., LLC is to develop and produce the highest productivity automated waterjetting technology at the lowest operating cost that will give value to the customer.  Waterjet Robotics' patented automated technologies eliminate the waste products, while reducing the time and expense of the entire coating removal process.


 About Waterjet Robotics U.S.A.

Waterjet Technology for the Marine and Industrial environments

Watching the equipment of the first sale to Dubai being loaded.

Waterjet Robotics U.S.A., LLC

After many years in development and operations, a business plan was developed in 2007 that allowed the Enivrobot to begin working as an independent entity and in early 2015 Waterjet Robotics U.S.A., LLC emerged as a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Palm City, Florida  Waterjet Robotics U.S.A., LLC holds all the patents to their exclusive UHP robotic technology.


 Management Team

Stephen R. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Waterjet Robotics U.S.A., LLC

Stephen R. Johnson has been involved with the ENVIROBOT® since February 2001 when he served on the Advisory Committee and then as a Director for Ultrastrip Systems Inc.  Mr. Johnson joined Ultrastrip as Senior Vice President of Marketing in January of 2003 and in September 2003 became President and Chief Executive Officer.  In September 2005 the company was renamed Ecosphere Technologies Inc., and Mr. Johnson served as President of Ultrastrip Envirobotic Solutions, Inc. until October 2007. In 2007, the Envirobot system was established as a seperate business model and Mr. Johnson was elected CEO. In February 2015 Waterjet Robotics U.S.A. was formed by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Odwazny to further the development of the Envirobot UHP systems. 

Previously Mr. Johnson served as Vice-President for the Ocean Development Company, a cruise ship construction company, from 1998 to 2001.  Mr. Johnson was President of Marine Management Consultants from 1997 to 2002.  From 1994 to 1996, Mr. Johnson was President of Atlantic Marine Inc. a ship repair and conversion facility in Mobile, AL, and served as their Vice-President from 1991 to 1994.  During a more than 20 year career with Bethlehem Steel Corporation, he held positions that included President of the Ocean Shipping subsidiaries and Senior Manager of the Sparrow Point Shipyard.  Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation from the S.U.N.Y. Maritime College at Fort Schuyler.  He also attended the Senior Management Course at the Harvard School of Business, the AMA President’s Course, and the Seatrade Academy in London.


John Odwazny

Chief Operating Officer, Waterjet Robotics U.S.A., LLC

Prior to serving as Chief Operating Officer for Waterjet Robotics, John Odwazny served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Ultrastrip Systems Inc. from March 2001 until November 2001.  In November 2001, Mr. Odwazny was named Chief Operating Officer and additionally served as a Company Director from August 1999 until April 2006.  In 2007, the Envirobot system was established as a separate business model and Mr. Odwazny was elected COO. In February 2015 Waterjet Robotics U.S.A. was formed by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Odwazny to further the development of the Envirobot UHP systems. Their ultimate goal is to make UHP surface preparation services available to a variety of users and, with that in mind, brought the first of their new robots, the Scorpion, to market in 2018.

From 1981 to 2001, Mr. Odwazny was a Senior Sales Executive at AKZO Nobel/International Paint, the world's largest chemical and coatings company, where he managed Technical Sales and Service for Florida and the Caribbean.  His responsibilities included designing technical specifications for large marine and industrial company projects.  He also serves on an Advisory Committee for the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.  Mr. Odwazny holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University.