Waterjet Technology for the Marine and Industrial environments


Marine Applications

Waterjet Robotics is a recognized innovator and leader in delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective robotic technology solutions around the globe. After many years of research, development and field-testing,  the ENVIROBOT® patented robotic technology was introduced to the UHP coatings market. This technology enables shipyards to remove coatings faster, safer and more cost-effectively than ever-before possible with traditional grit blasting. Additionally, this "clean" technology allows other trades to simultaneously perform other maintenance procedures in tandem with the robot.

With Waterjet Robotics' technology, the ship is returned to productive service more quickly, creating increased revenue-generating opportunities for the ship owner. Maintenance is performed more cost-effectively and under more environmentally favorable conditions for the shipyard.

Our UltraSweep® process allows for the selective removal of coating layers. More importantly, surface areas with poor adhesion caused by breakdown of the coating system or corrosion are automatically blasted to a WJ-2 specification. Selective coatings removal is achieved by adjusting water pressure, cutting head stand off distance and ROV speed.

An UltraSweep® treatment produces a more consistent surface profile than abrasive grit or manual UHP blasting, ensuring the prepared surface is free of all hidden, rough, broken down or corroded areas at no additional cost.

Systems Worldwide
Waterjet Robotics' robotic technology has been working with ship owners and shipyards around the world using our robotic systems; We currently have systems located in the United States, Chile, Europe, Japan and Dubai.

[Envirobot®.  As Seen on National Geographic Worlds Toughest Fixes]
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