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- Oct 2019

Waterjet Robotics is pleased to announce its latest innovation in surface preparation technology - The Scorpion UHP System  - NEW FOR 2019!

This new and exciting design uses a smaller footprint - in both robot size and equipment. Using the same high performance features as found in the larger ENVIROBOT®, the new ScorpionSystem  allows access to smaller and harder-to-reach areas. Incorporating Waterjet Robotics' patented magnetic air-gap technology, the 4-wheel drive Scorpion  excels at removing coatings on smaller vessels, tight keel blocks and steel storage tanks. The Scorpion  achieves most hull treatment standards and accepts pressures up to 55K PSI. The cost-effective Scorpion  features quick and easy equipment set-up and breakdown, requiring only one technician to operate. Choose between electric or fully-autonomous diesel power. The Scorpion  is compatible with all UHP pump manufacturers. 

Call today to learn how easy it is to put the Scorpion  on your next project.